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Don't fall a victim, Here are proven ways to identify a true man of God

Jesus Christ announced that a time will come when many prophets will come and say that they are His servants and they are not. When that time comes, it shows that the time of the end is at hand. Today we have many prophets who we do not know who is and who is not. Many Christians have fallen victim to those who claim to be men of God but are not. The problem now is to identify a true man of God to avoid the wrong ones. The apostle Paul did him great justice in the letter he wrote. to the Corinthians. In his practical approach, he has used himself as a case study and has shown many possibilities;

1. He bears the fruits of Christ. A true man of God is someone who lives the life of Christ and does everything according to his will. In Paul's teaching, he emphasized this as a sign with which you can identify a true man of God.2 Corinthians 10: 7 says Do you look at things from the outside? When someone trusts himself to be Christ, think again: that as he is Christ, we are Christ too. Even Jesus Christ himself announced it in the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 16, where he said that you will know them by their fruits.

2. He loves building churches. God has given every true man of God the commission to build the church and not to destroy it. So when you see a man of God who is so interested in building the church instead of himself, he is a true man of God. Paul confirms this in 2 Cor. 10: 8 so; 

So while I boast a little of the authority the Lord has given us to build it up instead of tearing it down, I will not be ashamed of it. 

3. Your members are your priority. A true man of God would rather see his member happy. It doesn't scare him, but rather ensures his well-being, especially the less privileged. They are not self-centred, but rather generous in their general way of life.

4. Preach the Word as it is, without adding or subtracting anything. One of the biggest problems we have today is the way some of them misrepresent the word of God. A true man of God should not misrepresent the word as it suits him. When you arrive at a church and find that what is being preached is different from what the Bible says, you know you are in the wrong place. Paul stated this in his analysis in 2 Cor. 10: 910.987 9 So it doesn't look like I'm terrorising you with letters.

10 For their letters, they say, are heavy and mighty; but his physical presence is weak and his language despicable. Beware of false prophets because they are everywhere. I pray that you will never become a victim. Have you ever seen a false man of God? Please share it.

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