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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Trust You No Matter What I Go Through

Trusting God in all situations, but especially in trying times, is emphasized in Psalm 27. The Psalmist in I Psalm decides not to be afraid of his or her enemies because of who God is. His faith in God has been his guide and salvation. That man is the rock upon which his existence rests.

What do you believe God to be? Knowing He is your Light and Salvation, the God who can deliver you from darkness and save you from your adversaries, is what will make you trust Him in times of trouble. If you see Him as your divine safety net, you will put your faith in Him. He is with you, so you don't have to worry about anything happening to you.

We may put our faith in God's ability to keep us safe and provide us deliverance no matter what the situation. God will help us when the bad guys band together to attack. Our opponents will stumble and fall when they attempt to attack us. If a conflict breaks out, we can rest assured that God will protect us (Psa. 27:2-3). David knew God could be trusted and he yearned for a deeper relationship with Him "I pray that I may spend the rest of my life admiring the Lord's glory and seeking him in the temple. Because he will shelter me in his home whenever I am in danger " (Psa. 27:4-5, NIV).

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