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Because Bushiri fled doesn't mean I will, says co-denounced in offer for bail

Willah Mudolo, one of the denounced in a R100m case including self-announced Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri, will know in seven days whether he will be conceded bail.

Mudolo, who is charged number one in the issue, showed up at the Pretoria judge's court close by his significant other, Zethu, and Landiwe Ntlokwana.

"There is an idea from the examining official that the Bushiris can be attempted in absentia and that would not hinder working on it. We realize Bushiri is the prophet and is the individual who actuated financial specialists to contribute. He revealed to them charged number one [Mudolo] is really the rotten one who took cash in the matter."We know from reports yesterday that a clergyman in Malawi marked papers that will be introduced on Monday, yet we can see from the state's [prior] cases regarding George Luca and Shrien Dewani that it is so hard to get individuals removed.

Marais said Mudolo's application should be managed independently.

The state said Mudolo ought not be conceded bail in light of the fact that "the Bushiris broke their guarantee" to hold fast to their bail conditions.

On Monday, the examining official, who is situated in the Hawks' Specific Organized Crime segment, told the court Mudolo was in control of three cellphones while he was kept at the Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Center.

An affirmation presented by a restorative administrations official, which was perused out in court, expressed Mudolo was in control of three cellphones.

Marais said Mudolo didn't present proof why he isn't a flight hazard.

Mudolo, a Zambian public, recently told the court he proposed arguing not liable in the issue.

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