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God is Great, See Natural Strange Trees That Looks Like A Human Being.

God is wonderful; see natural strange trees that resemble humans.

Have you looked to see if you're a pareidolia? Bored Panda has prepared a special gift for those of you who appreciate seeing strange items in areas where none exist. We've created a collection of strange trees that appear to be something else entirely. From terrifying trees to those that defy nature's laws, you'll find them all here.

It turns out, while most maples and sweetgum look very similar, Mother Nature has sculpted some of them most likely just to prank our eyes. Is that a beautiful tree or a dragon?

Nobody can convince me that God is not magnificent; he demonstrates his majesty in a variety of unusual ways... The natural world around us serves to demonstrate God's magnificence, and the individuals he made serve to demonstrate God's greatness in a variety of ways you cannot conceive.

I came upon some images that caught my eye, and at first I was confused because they are so strange to me. Do you think it's possible that these odd trees, which resemble people, were made in this way? They weren't fashioned by hand to resemble human forms, nor did they emerge from the ground in that manner.

The trees are claimed to be found all throughout the world, with some of them having special meaning for locals. I would like to visit one of the trees and take a lovely selfie with them because someone developed a tourist attraction out of them. Please pay attention to the strange trees in the photos below.

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