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Witchcraft is real, Look what Thembi Revealed that left Mzansi shaking



Cindy dreams of her father asking for his shoes. She would like to know the interpretation of this dream.

The dream Today I learned that most of the people who can't find jobs have their houses tied up. So heartbreaking.


I love Her, she knows her story, but I don't want to see her on TV. Is it possible? We have learnt a lot from this lady/show, things we didn't know about the spirit world. Good thing the lights will be back (loadshedding) just in time for my favorite show.


People who like Thembi disappeared from our society because of the colonized regions that portrayed them as witches in public eyes so that society could turn against them. The Christian religion has taken so much from us and we will never recover. When you don't acknowledge your ancestors, they won't fight spiritual battles for you, which you can't fight physically. "Witches" end up doing as they please with you and ansestor will just watch you suffer until you acknowledge them."A Facebook follower said

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Cindy Mzansi Thembi


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