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Why Believers Should Not Be Harmed By Diseases Just As Biblical Paul Was Not Harmed By Snake Bites

"And he shook off the beast into the fire with no harm effects." Acts 28:5

While some of God's disciples are getting chilly, others are still hot, hot, hot. May you be a hot commodity for God! There was once upon a time a physician who went on to become a missionary.

A plague struck the area where he went to preach the Gospel, killing people like flies. Germs were spread to others by the pandemic, and they became victims as well.

The doctor was busy treating plague victims, but he did not succumb to the disease. This astounded several scientists, prompting them to conduct a test. They put the saliva of a plague victim, which was packed of lethal germs, on this physician's hand and studied the reaction under a microscope as the doctor directed. Then they saw that they died just a few seconds after the germ landed on his skin. That's what a firebrand looks like!

Because we have failed to bear the divine fire we were created to carry, many of us are not what we should be. We went to a Congress a while back. At the time, there was a scarcity of pipe-borne water. The brothers went to a river in town and brought me a pail of green-colored water since that was the best they could find. They then arrived with a disinfectant to use on the water.

"My son, which is more strong - my blood or the disinfectant?" I heard God say as I opened it. "Your blood," I said. So Jesus told me to reapply the disinfectant and cover the water with His blood because He was going to send me to places where there would be no disinfectant. Germs are supposed to perish when they come into contact with you, beloved, but how is that going today?

Is your body infected with diseases? Are bacteria growing inside your body that were designed to kill them? The fire of the Most High God is exactly what you require right now. Until you genuinely become a firebrand like Paul, no snake bite will be able to injure you, ask for it.

According to Mark 16:18, believers are safe from danger, but this does not apply to situations in which someone tempts God and becomes ignorant or arrogant.

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