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Here are the only 6 People who Saw God Face to Face and What happened later to them. Read here

Here Are The Only 6 People In The Bible Who Saw God Face To Face And What Later Happened To Them.

God is the most effective determine in heaven and the face of the earth. God is credited with developing the entirety on this earth by means of his supernatural energy. Even Satan, no matter his sinfulness, become one of the creatures.

God is in charge of the world and the whole lot else. As proven in the creation idea, God created the arena and the entire planet on the start.

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Is it less difficult to become so near God that you could honestly see him? Is it low-cost to assume that a human will see God? According to the Scriptures, nobody can see God and live. However, the truth is that God has damaged a number of his very own laws with the aid of permitting a few people to in fact see Him.

God, however, enabled positive humans to see him considering the fact that that that they had attained the recognition of setting up a non-public courting with God.

Apostle John

Jesus had 12 disciples, and he turned into one in every of them. Recall, he have become Jesus’ favourite of the 12 disciples, and theologians assume that a part of the recompense he obtained from Christ became the opportunity to satisfy God before he died. The e-book of Revelation describes John’s journey to heaven and his come upon with being in God’s presence. He modified into the only one of the 12 disciples who did now not perish in a terrible way.

Christ the Messiah

Christ is the son of God, as every Christian believes. Because he's the son of God, he is particular. Christ stated in John 14:6 that he's the route, fact, and life, and that no one gets to God unless thru him. He had truely seen his father, having come from him.


Moses have become one of the few folks that had a close to touch with God. God empowered him to do fantastic miracles and wonders due to the truth he come to be a messenger of God. “With Moses, I speak head to head, not in parables, and he sees the face of the Lord”, says Numbers 12:8. Moses acquired a revelation from God right away.

God declared that once he talks to different humans, he does it thru goals and visions, but Moses acquired his messages face-to-face. In fact, Moses turn out to be the handiest who accompanied God’s commands and wrote the story of introduction.

Prophet Isaiah

One of the awesome apostles who had the privilege to enjoy God face-to-face changed into Isaiah. He foretold the upcoming of Christ as a first-rate. “I actually have seen the Lord sitting on a throne, majestic and staggering, and the length of his gown protected the Temple in the 365 days that King Uzziah died,” Isaiah 6:1 says.

Isaiah described wherein he saw God or maybe defined how the dominion of God appears, pronouncing that he saw seraphs with six wings each shifting throughout the throne. Isaiah’s existence become all the time modified due to this incident, and his ministry took a brand new path.


Eve come to be the primary girl and the second one person to be made. Having resided inside the garden of Eden with Adam, he relished the opportunity to be contacted with the resource of God on a daily basis. She’s the primary and simplest female in the Bible who boasts to have visible God head to head. Since Eve and her husband committed a sin collectively, they were expelled from God’s presence.


The very first dwelling character, Adam, changed into shaped. He had a absolutely personal dating with God as the first creature, and he might speak to God always. God may want to nonetheless assign him obligations which includes tagging animals and distinct objects.

Before Adam committed a sin and disobeyed God, he ought to contact and notice God every day, head to head, and it was handiest after he dedicated a sin that this stopped.

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