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5 Things Your Pastors Tell You Every Sunday That Are Pure Lies

Ministers, similar to you and me, are people. Therefore, they are inclined to blunders and have more than once disclosed to you lies. In any case, you accept all that he says since he is a "godly man." That is outstanding.

1. You Must Go To Church To 'Meet' God

Certainly, the congregation is a social affair place for Christians to supplicate and revere. In any case, actually God lives in your heart, not in a construction. Accordingly, you can speak with Him from any area.

2. Sunday Is The Day Of Worship

It isn't phenomenal for a minister to offer a trashing comment about individuals who approach their typical lives on Sunday, a day put away for God's love. Notwithstanding, as per the Bible, is Sunday really the day of love for Christians? No one is sure.

3. You Must Give Before You Receive

It's obvious that most of ministers place a higher premium on "giving" and "giving" than on some other subject, including "salvation." Numerous ministers refer to Luke 6:38, which states, "Give and it will be given to you..." However, as opposed to what a few ministers declare, you can't pay off God. Furthermore, giving to ministers or prophets doesn't liken to giving to God. God has never endowed anybody with the obligation of gathering cash for His benefit.

4. Other Churches Are Doing It Wrong

Different temples in Nigeria cling to unique regulations. A few people don't wear shoes to chapel, while others do. A few societies restrict ladies from wearing profit and pants, while others do. Limbo is an idea that some put stock in while others don't. Certain individuals supplicate through Mary, while others don't. In this manner, one of the ministers or righteous men is without a doubt disclosing to you lies. Since, wouldn't you say, there must be one truth in the midst of this load of logical inconsistencies? In any case, each congregation, lamentably, accepts its own tenets to be valid.

5. Brought back to life Christians Will Go To Heaven When They Die.

"Also, no man rose to paradise except for he who slid from paradise, even the Son of man who is in paradise," John 3:13 states.

In any case, your minister educates you in any case. So who is the liar here, between Jesus Christ and your minister?

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