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"Is drinking an Alcohol a sin?", Find out how this pastor answers the critical question

Source: YouTube video, below is the link

An online viral video features Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the famous Nigerian televangelists, who is discussing the difficult question in Christian circles: "Is alcoholic beverage consumption sinful?" All of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's words from the video are reproduced below:

"Drinking alcohol was not considered a sin according to the Bible's teachings." According to the Bible, we should refrain from overindulging in alcoholic beverages and keep in mind that God does not always make alcohol a problem because he does not want us to do anything in excess. As you can see, God does not want you to overindulge in food or drink excessive amounts of water; rather, he is opposed to anything you do in excess. As a result, what the Lord instructs us is not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. I'll read it to you at some point, and it's extremely significant, but you already know that the more spiritual things you grow in, the more things you leave behind that aren't necessary. It is not only the substitution of negative living things for positive things that contributes to your Christian development. It's excellent stuff for the most part.

Allow me to read to you some passages from the book of Ephesians5v8, which states, "Don't get drunk on wine, but be filled with the Holy Spirit." It is stated in the Amplificated Version, "Whatever is fulfilled and spurred on by the Holy Ghost, and do not become inebriated with alcoholic beverages, for this is debauchery." He didn't say no when I asked him not to drink. He cautioned against becoming wine-filled or intoxicated by alcohol.

As a result, do not make wine a problem when talking to people about Jesus Christ, because if they do not discover a real advantage, they will continue to live behind the wheel of alcohol as they advance in the things of God. It isn't a problem, so stop treating it as if it were one. God did not create a problem, and you should not either.

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