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Watch as A female preacher scolds two women for their attire

Watch as a female evangelist chastises two women for dressing in a manner that is not proper for church!

In a video that has gained widespread attention, a well-known female pastor can be seen mocking two young girls whom she met at the market. The girls were there.

She noted that several of the young women were attempting to buy food while wearing nothing but t-shirts and short shorts when she went to the market to preach.

A female evangelist chastises the two women for dressing in an unacceptable manner and warns them to repent.

When they did not appear to be impacted by what the clergywoman was saying, she challenged them about their revealing apparel and became agitated.

She implied that it is unacceptable for them to dress in such a manner by saying that they are "inciting passion in guys" and mentioning the fact that "husbands are available," both of which are references to the notion that there are available partners.

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Take a look at the video that can be seen at this link:

Do you find it humorous, and are you able to tolerate being in such an environment?

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