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Altar Of Praise; It Is Amazing, You Can Have It Too

"Praise awaits thee, O God, in Sion, and the vow shall be fulfilled unto thee." Psalm 65:1

The Psalmist promises God in Psalm 65:1 that praise awaits Him in Zion. What an amazing achievement! Will God discover praises or complaints in your home or heart when He comes to visit? If you can create a place in your heart and home where God can always find praise, He will undoubtedly draw near to you. When Solomon became king, he did not ask God for anything, nor did he whine about all the troubles his father had left for him to address in their realm; all he did was offer God a sacrifice of adoration that no one had ever offered before, and God showed up with a blank check (1 Kings 3:4-5).

When Paul and Silas were imprisoned, they didn't whine or question God; instead, they transformed the jail into a home of praise, and God paid them a special visit. There was an earthquake as soon as God entered the prison, and all of their bonds were broken (Acts 16:23-26). When Joshua and the people of Israel saw the walls of Jericho, they did not complain or question God; instead, they constructed a praise altar around them, and the walls fell down flat (Joshua 6).

Is there a problem that keeps you awake at night? Turn those sleepless nights into nights of thanksgiving to God, and all your difficulties will vanish. Do you realize that whenever God looks down on the world, He seeks for individuals who praise Him in spirit and truth? “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the sincere worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him,” according to John 4:23.

Those who know me well know that I am constantly singing praises to my God as I go about my daily tasks. This is because I want Him to know that if He glances in my direction, he will see praises. I wish He would stay with me all day and never leave because I shower him with praises.

Many years ago, I promised an elder in our church that I would pay him a visit but would only remain for five minutes because I had a lot on my plate that day. Based on his personal understanding of me, the elder understood exactly how to entice me to stay longer than five minutes. He had music playing in his house before I arrived, hymns and other nice Christian music. I was so relaxed in his home that I didn't realize I'd been there for more than an hour! How much more God Himself, if I, as a child of God, can be carried away by praises to my Father?

God dwells the praises of His people, according to Psalm 22:3, so if you want Him to be with you always, construct an altar of praise for Him in your heart. When you meet someone who lives a life of praise to God, you've met someone who has God by his side all of the time.

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It Is Amazing Sion You Can Have It Too Zion


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