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Manna is provided by God to people who are in the wilderness

Source: Bible scriptures Opinion

When the Israelites entered Cannan, they ceased eating manna. Although manna is good, it is prepared for the saints who are wandering in the wilderness.

Once you enter Canaan and know how to labor together with God in the land of Cannan to bring forth production from the land, then you will no longer need manna, manna is for the childish christians, wandering christians, christians who are still living in their soul.

When the Israelites fled Egypt, after over four hundred years of slavery, they spent forty years wandering in the wilderness before they ented the promised land.

God provided a substance for them to eat everyday. Exodus 16

Manna means: "what is this"? It's a bread like substance that fell from Heaven. Psalm 78:24 it tasted like honey.

We need the true bread from Heaven for spiritual survival.

God sent manna for a few reasons, during the Israelites time in the desert

* To meet a physical need, they didnt have many options for food in the wilderness.

* God wants the Israelites to practice trust and obedience

* God wanted to foreshadow the most important manna from Heaven: Jesus

God provides by way of Jesus ministry on earth, and through His death and resurrection.

Because of the bread of life we no longer hunger, because of the bread of life, we have a chance to live, we need a bread of life for survival.

We need to trust in the bread of life, the true manna, for our physical and spiritual well being.

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