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The reason why you experience delay in life and how you can fix it

The reason why you are experiencing delay in life

Pastor Jerry Savelle teaching on subject of delay writes "Satan is behind many of our delays, but let's not blame him for everything. In most cases, we need to re-evaluate our lives to see what we've done to create a delay.

The fact is that before you can manifest your heart desire and God’s given destiny, there must be a sign first. If you miss the sign there will be a delay. Many of the delays we face today is caused by our ignorance. If you going through delay in manifestation, search yourself.

Look around you and your environment, a sign has been given to you to that will bring about your manifestation ad bring to you what you are praying for. It is because you ignore the sign that is why you are going through delay. There is nothing in life that can manifest divinely without a sign being given. 

Before, you find yourself in a trouble a sign has been shown to you, but you ignore it and that is why you are a victim of that trouble. Your dreams and certain feelings you have are signs given to you. Some people in the hospital beds now ignore the signs of little symptoms in their body that tells them a major sickness is coming.

Nothing happens to you as a child of God without a sign be given. If you ignore the sign, you will be a victim of what the sign is bringing to you. There are many thing happen to you now, but you don’t need to blame anybody, but yourself because you ignore the signs.

There are things knowledge can do for you but prayer and anointing will not have the capacity to do it. Anytime you find yourself in difficult situations before you cry or complain, look the deeply at the situation, you will see a sign. Then let your reaction be in accordance with the sign not the situation.

Whenever you see a sign that is when an action is needed. For instance, some people are fasting without a sign and that is why nothing happens rather fast based on the sign you have given to you by God and pray from the perspective of the sign you have seen.


Delays: Why They Happen and How to Deal With Them"

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