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Why would God allow Lucifer to sin, only for His own son to die for it? Opinion

The Bible puts it this way, "for God so loved this wicked world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but they should have enternal life.

The Bible continue to say, whoever believe should not be condemned, but he he who doesn't, shall be condemned. Jesus died according to the Bible, he knew no sin. So my question is, how did this whole thing happened? And that God would allow sin only later to allow Jesus to die, that is what l am asking, those are deep in theology, help us understand.

How would God allow Lucifer to sin, only for Jesus to die for it? I mean isn't God suppose to protect his only son by not allowing Lucifer to sin. These are very deep topics, they don't need people that are going to answer them being led by their emotions.

These are questions that are very sensitive that needs a lot of wisdom to understand the depth of divinity, that is why not everybody is a pastor, not everybody is a preacher. It can be very difficult for someone to hold the Bible, and talk about God, or try to interpret the verse in front of the people, because it is a holy book. It takes the Holy Spirit to understand.

They are mysteries and seals that needs to be unlocked. It's only through the wisdom that is given by the Holy Spirit, an ordinary man cannot interpret what God is saying through the Bible. It doesn't take academic knowledge for a person to understand what the holy book says. It only takes the divine knowledge which is the wisdom of God to understand what God is saying on the holy papers.

So this is why it takes a calling for a person to be a pastor, or to stand and the teach the word of God in front of the people. There are people that are trying to understand the Bible academically or trying to interpret it. Even applying normal logic, but then he it doesn't happen the right way, you end up misleading people. Those that have been given wisdom to interpret the holy book, help us answer this question. Let's say it is not me who has been asking, maybe someone that you met in the road that you want them to know God. If they ask you this question what would you have said, just comment below.

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