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Pastor Abbey explains Omicron as a demon that might have been prophesied by a movie Omicron in 1963

Pastor Abbey Maponya has posted on his Facebook page, explaining what is this omicon all about. In this explanation there is only one thing that I keep on asking myself about the movie actors. Where do they get such sensitive information? Information to act movies about things that are to come, or to act things that would take place in the near future.

Imagine he is talking of 1963, the movie was acting exactly the the character and behavior of this 4th wave of coronavirus, "Omicron" that we are facing. So did they pray, who showed them the revelation about how omicron is going to behave. I agree with the men of God here, when he said, "they want to geopardize the economy of the world, every country would take loans from the rich countries, and the loans that they cannot be able to pay back. This will force them to submit their powers to one leadership, to those that they are owing. The borrower will be force to be controlled by the lender.

Warfare will destroy a demon named Omicron. In 1963 there was a movie by the name Omicron, were a dead factory worker comes back to life, only to find out that an invisible alien, took his body to ran the world.Omicron is a demon that kill the body, posses it, in order to control the world. When u read Jude 1 vs 9, Angel Michael rebukes satan,over Moses corpse.

These devil is here to kill, in order to take bodies for a diabolical agenda, of global control.kill many, so that they order strict lock downs, which will destroy economies. Then for economic recoveries, many nations will opt for loans, and surrender their nation's sovereignty to the ruler, Omicron.Its not time for the church to fight politics. It's time to fight and destroy devils. We aren't raptured as yet, we are here for a reason, let's go to war.

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