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God Has Got Your Back. Believe It

There are situations that occurs in our lives that we sometimes feel like God does not see us or He is unaware of our pain and circumstances.

The Bible says, He is Omnipresent. He is present everywhere. It says again, we can never hide from God's presence because He is everywhere.

Even if we go hide in the deepest valley or high up above mountains, His presence will forever consume us.

I know from my personal experience that things can happen that may drag us down, that we even end up thinking that God has His own favourites.

But I always encourage myself, I go back to His Word. I remind myself and God that, "Hey Daddy, You said you'd leave me nor forsake me."

Not that God forgets, but we sometimes have to go back and refer to His Word. That's our weapon of defeating the devil when he whispers lies in our ears.

Remember when the devil tempted Jesus, Jesus only replied by saying, IT IS WRITTEN!

Use the Word of God as reference and you'll overcome every obstacle that is thrown your way.

Remind yourself of the promises of God, for IT IS WRITTEN. God can never and will never contradict Himself. He knows and remembers very well everything He has said and spoken.

The bible says, He is not like man that He should lie, that whatever promise He makes, He keeps.

God puts you in positions and situations that He needs you to be. Because He is God and He knows everything that He does.

The Bible says, "my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my way of doing things, it's not the same as yours."

So, whenever you find yourself in ANY situation, just know and believe that God has put you in it for a reason. He is there with you.

He says, you will go through the fire but you will not be burned, you will go through waters and storm but it will drown you. He will always be there.

God is forever faithful. He fails to be unfaithful. As much we may fail Him, He will not fail us, He cannot fail us.

Job said, I'd rather curse the day I was born, than to curse God. Never in your life doubt God. No matter what! Never doubt God for is forever faithful. He never fails!

I want to remind you today as I've reminded myself that, YOU WILL NEVER WORK ALONE! God is forever besides you even when you sometimes don't feel it.

Yes, there are times where He will be absent. After Adam and Eve has sinned, the presence of God left them. They found themselves naked because the glory of God was no longer upon them for they have sinned.

God does not leave us. It is us that removes ourselves from His presence.

We should be careful of the way we live. Because our actions, as in sin, makes us naked in a way that we get to feel the absence of God.

But overall, God has got your back. Believe it. Believe that God has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Believe and apply God's Word in your life daily. He said in His Word that, we should study His Word and meditate on it day and night."

The glory of God is upon you. He will guard and shield you. You're safe in His care. God has got your back.

May our Good Lord bless you all. May His grace be upon you. Be healed of all the illness you may be going through. May every need of yours be provided for.


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Believe It God Has Got Your Back


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