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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Be An Encouragement To My Fellow Believers

A major tenet of Christian belief and practice is building each other up. Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, praised the Roman Church for its perseverance and faith. He praised their dedication. To keep their faith alive, he understood they needed prayers and the Holy Spirit's empowerment. Paul was willing to come to this church because he knew they could use his spiritual skills to stay the course. Meanwhile, Paul had heard reports of their faithfulness and was heartened by them. He hoped to draw strength from the Christian community in Rome.

These days, it's crucial that the places of worship which include our communities work together, encourage one another, show love and support for one another, and maintain calm. All of this is possible if we remember that we are responsible for one another. As Christians, we should help one another out and share in one another's trials. Through mutual worship and exhortation from the Bible, we are to build one another up spiritually. Corporate worship is a powerful way to become closer to God.

As Paul did, let us pray for the spiritual growth of our fellow Christians. Let's help each other out by checking in, talking things out, and putting our faith in God together. You can be assured that I will pray for you as well, and that our combined efforts will strengthen the Church. I pray that the Lord will give us the strength to support and encourage one another.

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