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PRAYER: Lord, Please Help Me To Assist Those In Need

The Holy Ghost forbade Paul and his group from preaching the Word of God in Asia after they had traveled through Phrygia and the province of Galatia on their missionary tour. After that, Paul experienced a nighttime vision in which a guy pleaded with him to travel to Macedonia and aid the people there. Following that vision, God sent Paul and his companions to Macedonia, where they spread the gospel throughout the country and assisted in God's mission.

We frequently disobey the Lord's guidance and instructions when He is trying to get our attention to aid someone or some people who are in need. We see these folks everywhere—church, school, the office, the market, the streets, our families, etc.—and we choose to ignore them.

It is time for us to stop disobeying God's commands and leadings and start helping those who need our assistance. The truth is that if we don't, no one else will be able to. They might endure such state for the rest of their lives. We are aware that there are times when we are so overwhelmed by our own issues and burdens that we are unable to provide support for others. Just do as God commands and help those who are in need. Keep in mind that the entire earth belongs to the Lord. Continue to assist others, and the Ultimate Helper will come to your aid.

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