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'Happy Life' A Lady Can Not Stop Thanking God For the happy life She is having

Date: 22/08/09


'Happy Life' A Lady Can Not Stop Thanking God for the happy life She is having

Life is the most difficult and unfair thing, but the best thing is when you have money and love.

Relationship are no longer easy like before, every in life is becoming difficult, and is not easy to live this kind of life. Some people are living a life that has no money and love, it is not easy because you can even do wrong things to other people because you have no one who loves you or you have no money.

A Lady Shares her happiness to the people in Twitter. She shares how her life has been lately and can not stop thanking God for that. People commented and congratulate her. They said she is very lucky to have a husband like that not all men are like that.

Here are some of their comments

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