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Say these powerful prayers to disgrace enemies at your place of work

I'm on the planet however not of the world. I have the doors of my adversaries and dislodge them. The God of the universe is bound and can't succeed against me in my work environment in Jesus Name.

I announce and proclaim God will battle with the people who fight with me, battle against the individuals who battle against me. Be my safeguard and buckler and take on my conflicts for me, in Jesus Name. Father God uncover the malicious plans and connivances of my foes.

I censure and cast out all spirits of criticism and allegation through the Blood of Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:10)

I censure and cast out all spirits of conflict and ill will through the Blood of Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:10).I turn the table against each alchemist, in my work environment ,business or work. I order that no weapon shaped against me will thrive, in Jesus Name

I turn the table against each controller, backstabber, slanderer, in my work environment .I order that they will be shamed and humiliated in Jesus Name

I turn the table against each adversary of progress and advancement , in my work environment. I order that I will manage over them in Jesus Name

I extinguish each fire of the foe and announce that their malevolent plans against me can't win

Father uncovered their falsehoods, let them be dressed with disgrace and shame. I stroll in the power that Jesus has given me over my profession and work place. I break the powers of hostility in my work environment. Sovereigns, powers and profound fiendishness in high places have no territory over my vocation

I tie and cast out territories and powers that work against me in my work environment for the sake of Jesus. I employ the Sword of the Spirit and the Lightning's of God against my foes

 I Make announcements by the Spirit that I am enabled to obliterate crafted by haziness wherever I go. Reality has come; the liars of the foe has been uncovered the plans of my adversaries will not win I order that the doors and gets to wicked spirits are shut and dropped by the Angels of Heaven in Jesus Name

 I order that the plans and motivation behind my adversaries against me will not win .. I announce that main the reasons for God wins in my day to day existence

 I have the Glory of God as a safeguard. I have unfolded the full reinforcement of God , I order the Gates of Hell won't beat me

For the sake of Jesus I extinguish the flames of the adversary against me . Each haziness projected against me blowback with fire, misfire with disgrace. blowback with annihilation. My light has come and the Glory of the Glory of the Lord is sparkling upon me.

 I discharge thunder, lightning, tremor from paradise to annihilates crafted by my adversaries and the investigation the establishment of wickedness. I annihilate the force of my foes, I render them weak in the Name of Jesus.I come against each untruth, cheating, control and evil against me in the Name of Jesus. I tie their lying tongues and annihilate their malevolent plots against me and my friends and family!

I annihilate the fortification of the adversary in my life through the Blood of Jesus Christ (Heb. 10:17).Let each black magic bolt terminated against me, blowback with fire, misfire with disgrace, blowback with annihilation, in Jesus Name.The Lord's decisions are articulated and set up against the fury of my foes, presently, for the sake of Jesus.

I order that all activities of the devilish against my life, family, service and Church reach a conclusion now, for the sake of Jesus.Oh Lord, Your resentment is coordinated every day towards the individuals who are against me for the sake of Jesus

For the sake of Jesus, each difficult detestable power that will not get some distance from me, gets the blade and bolts of the Lord, presently.

 I remain upon Psalm 7:15 and proclaim this upon my foes He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the trench which he made.

I order that every one of my foes will fall now into the pits they have delved for me for the sake of Jesus.I remain upon Psalm 7:16 and announce this upon my adversaries His underhandedness will return upon his own head, and his rough managing will descend upon his own pate. After the request for Haman, each wickedness and rough managing misfires on my adversaries, presently, for the sake of Jesus.

The contract I have with God is an agreement of life! I will live and not bite the dust! I won't bite the dust genuinely, I won't pass on in a profound sense, I won't kick the bucket intellectually I won't pass on monetarily! I'm honored past measures! I'm a channel of heavenly gift! My light will never extinguish, my light will sparkle in my work environment and individuals will see it and give brilliance to God. I will satisfy my heavenly reason and heavenly fate in Jesus Name

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