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Meet a pastor from Limpopo who FARTS on sick people.

Limpopo is the headquarters of weird in South Africa, notorious for witchcraft, the province presents yet another bizarre activity by one of their men of God.

Pastor Chris Penelope from Giyani in Limpopo is the leader of the Sevenfold holy spirit ministries, he leads in a quite different manner, which includes his taboo way of healing the sick.

Apparently the pastor heals his sickly congregants by sitting directly on their heads and letting out an explosion of what he calls "holy fart" onto them. He says this is exactly how real men of God should be practicing their scacred healing processes because he himself adopted this style from Jesus himself.

"It started with the master Jesus when he steeped on top of Peter" Penelope said on an interview with Daily news.

The people who have been farted on report a sensational healing of holy anointing, they report no pain when he sits on their heads and the pastor says it is because he is not of the flesh so when he sits on people they will not be hurt because he is holy.

He says the body is merely a church and the head is Christ and therefore he cannot be expected to sit on the body, he ought to sit directly on the head to properly heal the Christ organ.

"I don't fart on people, I heal people" is his motto.

And his people say his fart does not smell unpleasantly at all. Infact they say it smells holy.

We have witnessed alot of absurd occurrences in the name of Jesus Christ, how faithful are you, would you let a man fart on your face just so you can be anointed?

S.Q Ndleleni.

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