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Being deceived is to think Christ was a white messiah: Opinion

A lot of us are exchanging the truth of God for a lie, we are exchanging a true God for idols. we are exchanging a true glory for that which is not a glory, we are exchanging the Bible with lies from philosophers. The Bible with the stories of science, we are exchanging The light for darkness. We are exchanging life for dearth, we are exchanging heaven for hell.

We are exchanging holiness for sin, we are exchanging God for the devil, we are exchanging that which is the truth for that which is fake. May the Lord help us.

When we think that we are now in the right way, it's winning now we got to lose it. When we think that we now have it, it is now when we have lost it, when we think that this is the way, it is now when it is not, we are going the wrong direction, may the Lord help us.

When we think that we are illuminated, It is now when we are blinded, when we think that we are wise, it is now when we are foolish. The Bible says, "for the Foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of this world! The speaking of the true gospel of Jesus Christ is foolishness to those that are perishing. Change your mind, change your heart, change your ways before it is too late

Been deceived 

Is when you think science is helping the world 

Is when you think yeshua was white man.

Is when you think Muhammad and angel Gabriel had meetings. 

Is when you take apart in paganism celebration such has Christmas and you think you are been directed by the holy spirit With your pastors, prophet, apostle ect..

Is when you think there is no God but you don't even know how life came to an existence. 

Is when you think Muhammad is a holy spirit 

Is when you are accepting false doctrines in the church such aas tithe when there are no levites. 

Is when you think your ancestors looked like apes.

Is when you think that when you die in the holy war, you will find 72 virgin while what is waiting for you is only fire.

Is when you think yeshua came to bring peace in this sinful world.

Is when you think salvation is only for the jews.

I i can go on and on.

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