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12 Important Reasons Why People Run Away From Church

Dress Code: When you ask most young people why they don't go to church on Sunday, they'll tell you they have no clothes to wear, especially for women. Their wardrobes are full of clothing that is not an appropriate dress code to wear to church. I do not encourage dressing indecently, but the church is a spiritual hospital where all kinds of cases are handled, so they should allow people to come as they are, as long as they are not completely naked and the word of God changes them. 

2. Illiteracy: Most uneducated people would avoid church service, especially Sunday school, lest they be asked to read a Bible verse.


No Revival: Many go to church to find a solution to their spiritual problems, but end up being disappointed because there is no anointing or grace. Most pastors can either begin to manipulate members into snatching their money or use dark powers instead of anointing them.

4. Timing: Many churches are not on the schedule. They forget that some people work on Sundays, for example, policemen, nurses, doctors, gas station attendants, etc. Some people only have to rest or wash their dirty clothes on this Sunday.

5.No toilet: I remember a long time ago that we lost our presence because we do not have a toilet. Most menstruating women would rather avoid church than be messy.

6. Poor Service Performance: When you go to a church where the public address system sounds horribly or the choir sings poorly or the ushers have a loud face on reception, it will surely cut someone off. 

7. No follow-up: Most Church members do not immediately follow newbies with a call or text, thanking them for coming. They prefer to wait a week or a month later, especially if they have noticed that they are not coming back.No matter how you share a bottle of Coke and Bread with them after the service, a call or text right after the service means a lot to newbies.

8. Reluctance: The environment or territorial powers contribute a lot to the reluctance of people towards religious service. The Bible says: In the days of his power, people will be available. Pastors and members are to fast and pray and take charge of the earth for Jesus.

9. No money for offerings: When people have no money, they prefer to stay with others to avoid the many envelopes for offerings are imposed on the faithful on Sunday. I would recommend putting the envelopes on the reception desk and donating on request and the pastor should learn more about the donation.

10. Segregation / Partiality: There is so much gap between the rich and the poor. In the days of Jesus' disciples, this was not the case. I am not saying that the rich should bear all the burdens of the poor, but to influence positively. The occult fellowship also does better than the church in the way it deals with the problems of its members. What do you see in the church today, from the rich to the rich, while the poor to himself? Although the Bible says it, the rich man has many friends but the Bible itself says: Whoever lends to the poor, lends to Almighty God.

11. Secret: Most Pastors cannot be entrusted with the confidentiality of their members, but they use it as a reference for their message.

12. Spirit of the Last Days: In 1 Timothy 3:15 it says that in a time like this we should expect this. People will lose focus, self-lovers (selfish) and so on.

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