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Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against In Your Life With These Powerful Prayers And Progress

They will not allow a witch to live (Exodus 22:18). I am not aware of any forces of witchcraft that interfere with our lives and progress, but I promise you that after these heavenly prayers it will interfere with them in the name of Christ, if you are not yet born again and pray with me.No:

1 I cover myself and my family members with the blood of Jesus Christ. May the blood on the cross, in the name of Jesus, destroy every satanic sacrifice that speaks against our progress.

2. God of Elijah arise and let every preaching of witchcraft that works against our marriages end in the name of Jesus. From today onwards we will experience total peace and progress in our marriages in the name of Jesus whom I prayed.

3. Today marks the end of every witch attack that affects our business and careers. Starting today, we will experience divine promotion in the name of Jesus.No: 4 My fighting angels arise and forces of fear disturb my divine health in the name of Jesus. As of today, I will not waste my money on medication and hospital bills anymore, in the name of Jesus I have prayed.

5 Blood of Jesus Christ, wash me spiritually and stop every habit that has promised to destroy my glorious destiny, in the name of Jesus I prayed. From today on, my life will be a testimony. Thank you Father for answering my requests, in the name of Jesus I prayed, amen

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