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" A black man is God, case closed" Prophet Ra revealed


"Black people refuse to accept Jesus was forced on you in exchange taking over the land minerals you are crying to get back yet still praise the devil himself. Am sorry the truth is the devil is a white man. There is no any other devil beside him. A black man is God case closed"

Prophet Radebhe is now confusing people and many of them are going to leave Church because of his theories that are not proven.

"Processing this is not the hardest part for me. Praying without mentioning his name is the hardest. Who do we pray to ke? "

"Dear forget about name Jesus,don't even mention him in your prayers and your manifestations.He is a curse and the enemy to our ancestors.when u pray u put trust in your soul/mind for

ancestors to make things happen. Not Jesus."

What more can you say about this prophet?

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Black Jesus Prophet Ra


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