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“Disgraceful” Cyril in deep trouble as Malema calls him out for doing this

Meanwhile, Cyril Ramaphosa is being being driven around across the country to attend special events and activities only for something to go wrong.

It is well understood that Ramaphosa is partially incompetent at his job, and is assumed to be the reason why the ANC is rooting away before our very own eyes. Is the ANC at the verge of collapse? Probably.

However, Malema is here to address every mistake that the president takes in public, in attempts to disgrace and expose him for more incompetence.

Malema is like a hungry lion, ready to pounce at the prey's weaknesses.

Here, Julius Malema is directly addressing Cyril. He proceeded to post that soldiers in Mozambique are suffering and he is doing nothing about it.

It seems our president has a problem with prioritizing his people over meaningless meetings that could be attended later on.

What's the point of leading a nation if your attention will be shifted to something else instead of the people themselves?

Soldiers have reached out to Malema, telling him of the current status they're in. The message says that the soldiers haven't received any form of payment as of yet which is meant to be receiving daily for basic needs such as water and food.

The scared soldier asked for his identity to be hidden as he fears that he might lose the job as he seriously needs it. Given the fact that people who talk have been threatened to not open their mouths and keep hush about the situation.

We didn't experience such when Jacob Zuma was still incharge, for the soldier to message Julius instead of the president screams incompetency of the highest level.As such problems should be handled by the government and ANC staff instead of an outside party.It is officially one-nil for the ANC and eventually the EFF is leading the pack and seems to have the best interests at heart for South Africans.

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