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Maputla's Family Is Under Hot Water After Leeto Went To North Cape See What's Going To Happen


There's a great deal of show occurring on Skeem Saam this day and many individuals have been hoping to perceive what will befall the Maputlas. 

After a long outing to North Cape during the end of the week, Leeto is beginning to understand that the Matlokga family are incredible than he suspected they are, as a result of the embarrassment that he has gotten when he showed up at the jail where he got an opportunity to see Noah on account of the association that they have. 

The circumstance is beginning to be muddled in the roads of Turfloop in light of the fact that Leeto is beginning to understand that something terrible may happen soon, 

In view of the power that this has where they approach Noah's jail where they can take him whenever that they need. 

With the new preliminary that Meikie is going to things may work out in a good way for the Maputlas in light of the fact that they are as of now managing many emergencies. 

The prediction has additionally been uncovering driven that Meikie will kill someone else again which gives John another cerebral pain that he can't manage.

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