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Sangoma got people talking by sharing this. See what they said.

The way witchcraft is so glorified these days in this country, it even looks like we are living in the devil's playground. Then people get surprised with all the killings and suffering in the country. People continue to believe and fear wicked things.

It is hard to believe this but then it must be said that actually in most cultures owls are associated with a good luck. Especially when we focus on Asian cultures but when we turn our focus to Africa as black folk we mostly see them as a sign of witchcraft or darkness.

It is actually a taboo to be having an owl as a pet amongst most African societies. If you can do that your are at risk of being called a which or being associated with witchcraft. What people needs to understand is that an owl is just a bird, however there are stereotypes formed against because of its survival techniques.

After Dr Maweni posted the video on Tik Tok and Musa Khawula shared the video on social media people have reacted with shock. Khawula shared the video captioning it "Dr Maweni shows off her owl."

Anele commented that "An owl is associated with witchcraft in our world as africans. These so called gobelas don't use the gift from ancestors anymore bathakatha emini lihlab'umhlaba."

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