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According To Your Star Sign These Are Reminders For 2022 To Resonate With


* Don't push or force what you want to happen - relax and let it flow to you

* Proactively slow your roll before the Universe forces you to slow down

* Review your life and the things from the past that are affecting your present

* Reevaluate your friendships and who you're spending the most time with and make sure those relationships fill you up

* Look within to resolve the inner blocks that have been holding you back


* Reevaluate your relationships to acknowledge what's true for you now

* Take extra care of your mind and body and focus on fulfilling your own needs

* Finish unfinished business and resolve things from the past

* Reconnect with your inner self and your deepest desires

* Ask yourself, what is the role you play in the world? How are you serving your purpose?


* Don't worry if you feel confused now, the fog will subside to reveal the truth eventually

* Look at both sides of yourself with love, acknowledging the best and worst parts

* Pace yourself and be patient, allow the transformations to unfold naturally

* Redefine what you think you're worth and the value you place on your gifts

* Get yourself all the healing and therapy and self work and deep dives you can get


* Reevaluate your commitments and fill your time with more that's authentic to your soul

* Practice, like really practice, not taking things too personally

* Slow down and consult your higher self when you're looking for the answers

* Double-check everything in your communications for accuracy and tone

* People and opportunities from the past are swinging back around for resolution and healing


* Open your ears and your heart and be crystal clear in your communication

* Focus on improving and correcting things in your life, finish the unfinished projects

* Find practical ways to explore your spiritual connection in everyday life

* Resolutions and revelations are coming in your relationships - set and hold your boundaries

* Take steps to get more organized around your work, health, body and daily responsibilities


* Think about how you can work smarter instead of harder and become even more efficient

* Reconsider what brings you joy and pleasure, what gives you meaning, and how you can get more of that into your day-to-day

* Relaunch the projects, plans and inspirations you didn't follow through on yet

* Focus on being proactive, productive and practical

* Practice channeling any anger and frustration into something constructive


* Clear the clutter out of your home, your mind and your energy field

* Ask yourself what matters most? What are your true priorities? Where do you want to focus your energies?

* Take a breath before you react and reinforce your energetic boundaries

* Reorganize your physical space and schedule to make room for more self care and healthy habits

* Hold off on making any big decisions right now, lean into the limbo


* Reevaluate your relationship with money, what you value, and what your gifts are worth

* Take extra time for self reflection and explore new ways to express your authentically

* Time to have the conversations you've been avoiding - stay in integrity and speak from the heart


* Don't force your manifestations - focus on what you're grateful for that's already here

* When big emotions come sweeping in, allow yourself to feel them so you can heal them

* Reassess how you can use your natural talents and gifts to create a sustainable living


* Dig into your relationships with money and how it's related to your self worth

* Embrace the challenges as an opportunity to connect you back to your innate power

* What's within you that has been suppressed is now coming to the surface to be expressed

* Ask yourself, how are you undervaluing or underestimating yourself?

* Practice keeping a higher perspective and sense of humor when things don't go as planned


* Dive into self reflection to help resolve past wounds and insecurities

* Focus on your own senses, feelings and ideas and tune out the noise of the outside world

* Embrace change

* Take a long pause before reacting or deciding anything


* Release attachments as your identity and worldview are shifting to reflect what's true for you

* Go inward and listen to your soul's guidance for clarity when you need it

* Ground yourself, face what you've been procrastinating on and do what needs to be done

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