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3 Biblical Truths on Why Christians Worship on Sunday Instead of Saturday (Romans 14:6)

As per the Mosaic Laws and the Jewish customs, the Sabbath day was and is the seventh day of the week, with Sunday as the main day. This was determined through the Jewish days and schedule. 

As per Genesis 2:1–3, the Bible says that God finished His work of making the sky and the earth on the seventh day, laid on that day and afterward honored it. Departure 20:8 likewise says, "Make sure to commit the Sabbath day..." Thus through the Law and Prophets(the Old confirmation), the Sabbath day was fundamentally seen on Saturday, being the seventh or last day of the week. 

Why then, at that point, do christians adore on Sunday, the principal day of the week? The Biblical clarifications to why this is so with christianity are as per the following. 

Right off the bat, the risen Christ, the Lord, was seen on the day after the Sabbath, which was a Sunday. (John 20:1–10). This was the reason the Psalmist said: "This is the day the Lord has made, we will celebrate and be happy in it"(Psalm 118:24) 

Besides, the Revelation of Jesus that John who had been at Patmos had seen, occurred on Sunday, which in a real sense is known as the Lord's Day. (Disclosure 1:10). From this unmistakably Christians had been revering on the main day of the week and had called it "the Lord's Day". 

Thirdly, when Jesus was discussing the Sabbath day, He talked about it with respect to its importance and not in a real sense. The Sabbath implied REST. In this way, God was not worried about the day, however what is done in the day. (Matthew 12:1–8) 

Lastly, the book of Romans 14:1–6 obviously expresses that it isn't the day of the week that matters yet the conviction of heart before God. One man might pick a day as his hallowed day, and God acknowledges him; another can pick one more day, and God will acknowledge him.

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