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PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I recognize You as my leader and submit to You

"A feast is prepared for laughs, and alcohol makes for good times; but money is the remedy to all problems (Ecclesiastes 10-19)

When Jeff Bezos, the multibillionaire founder of Amazon's online business, divorced his wife in 2019, it was estimated that her part of their wealth was about $37 billion. Someone can make a commotion "Oh my goodness! They have a lot of money, but they are unable to resolve their situation.

However, the reality is that there are many issues that money cannot resolve. The vast majority of humanity, including Christians, believes that money is the panacea for all of their problems. They frequently use the verse from today's memory verse to defend their country.

If you take a close look at the verse, you will note that the first part and the last portion are tied together by a colon, which indicates that one part gives origin to the other or that one part is a cause and the other is an effect. In other words, the primary qualities of merrymaking, which are laughter and wine, are the resulting impacts of money. Laughter can also represent bodily well-being, which is dependent on material possessions and possessions.

Many things, however, are beyond the reach of money, such as a happy marriage, as we have seen in the case of the Bezoses. Peace of mind, favor with God, eternal life, bodily protection, inner joy, and a plethora of other things of eternal value that have no monetary value are all available to anybody who desires them. You must rely on Jesus to provide them for you. So, heed the wise teacher's words of caution, fear God, and obey His laws and regulations.

HOLDING THE CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Joy is not synonymous with merriment. While you can purchase mirth, it is not possible to purchase joy.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I recognize You as my leader and submit to You. Show me how to serve the Father in the same manner as You did, with complete and total submission. Amen.

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