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Prayer: Father, Please Delete From My Mind Any Memories Of Previous Failures

Scripture: But the path of the righteous is like a bright light that shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day comes. Proverbs 4:18

It doesn't matter how badly you screwed up and missed it; if you mean it, you can still make it.

Failure simply means that things did not work out as planned. It's the death of a project, a business, a chance, or a life expectancy.

Today's difficulty is that many people believe that failure is the end of the journey. A road bend, on the other hand, does not mean the journey is over.

You haven't failed unless you admit it. Failure is nothing more than a blunder that can be fixed.

'If I hadn't made this error, if I hadn't messed up so badly, I would have been a better person by now,' you could remark.

No! That's something you should avoid saying.

You may have messed up, failed, or committed blunders, and as a result, a huge door has been shut in your face, but the good news is that you are not the same person as your mistake (s).

The most important thing is your ability to forgive yourself and move on, not whether you succeeded, messed up, or made mistakes. Release new hope, new resolve, new momentum, and new calculated steps.

In Jesus' Name, you will succeed.

Allow yourself to forgive yourself for any mistakes you've made previously.

Re-do your blunders or what you didn't accomplish the first time around.

Lord, I acknowledge that I am not a loser.

In Jesus' Name, I ask for the grace to forgive myself for my past faults and to start a fresh, constructive move.

Pitying yourself is pitting your life; rise from the ashes and fight to the finish line.

Fact: You can get enough energy for a 90-minute workout with just two bananas.

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