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6 Dangerous Prayers That Provoke Angels To Fight For You. - OPINION

Spiritual battle is genuine and continuing in the higher regions. God has sent angels to fight your battles on your behalf. If God opens your eyes, you will see armies upon legions of Angels fighting for you. If you want to learn more about spiritual combat in the higher realms, read the Book of Daniel. 10:10–13: Daniel 10:10–13: "I was on my face, facing the earth, in a deep sleep."

For one and twenty days, the prince of Persia withstood me. One of the chief princes, Michael, came to my help, and I stayed with the Persian rulers.

To invite Angels to help you, say the following prayers:

1) I summon the angels of the Most High God who have been sent to me in the name of Jesus.

2) Angels from the highest God come to the four corners of the planet in the name of Jesus, bringing me financial wealth and consumers from the East, North West, and South.

3) Angels of the highest God fight my battles, battles that I am unable to fight, and fight against those who fight against me in the upper realms.

4) Angels of the highest God chase my opponents out of my sphere of influence, and those who disturb me are dealt with in such a way that they no longer have the chance to worry me.

5) Angels of the highest God lead me to the assistants who will help me fulfill my destiny. I'd like to introduce you to my personal assistant today. Connect me to the source of my breakthrough in Jesus' name.

6) Angels of the Most High God protect and guide me from the harm and disasters that disobedient children bring upon me. Angels have been deployed to protect and deliver me on my behalf (PS 91: 11). Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers in the name of Jesus.

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