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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor Wants A Wife: Babalwa is sent home after siding with pastors rude brother

Pastor Wants A Wife is half way through and we are no where near to finding out who will be chosen. This unconventional dating show helps Christian pastors find a wife on a reality television platform. Tshegofatso is our guy and he seems able to make his decisions quite decisively.

Babalwa was the latest woman to be cut off from the show.

I have to say that last weeks episode of the show was quite drastic. We witnessed the pastor be embarrassed by his family in front of the the women. It couldn't have been easy for him. His ego was likely bruised and he must have believed it was the women's job to fix this.

After begging for compliments, his family came up again. Babalwa refusing to alhave a similar answer about his family made her enemy number one. I hated this for her. Of course I did NOT agree with her opinions, but she was entitled to them in any case. It felt like he was trying to muzzle her.

Social Media Response

Opinions were divided but for the most part people agreed it was time for her to go.

One such happy user wrote, "It took forever to get rid of Babalwa ๐Ÿ˜‚#PastorWantsAWife"

While another user wrote, "So happy that babalwa was sent packing, she thought she was the ultimate type #PastorWantsAWife"

A final user wrote, "Babalwa just disappointed me shame ๐Ÿ™Œ now Iโ€™m moving to Dudu #PastorWantsAWife"

Personal Thoughts

I was lukewarm about Babalwa but the moment she spoke up in defense of someone who was trying to humiliate the pastor, I became ice cold. I think she was trying to play both sides and ended up losing the chance to find love. I would want someone who defends me, not one who will side with those who speak badly on my name. Perhaps she was just not a good match.

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Source: Pastor Wants A Wife on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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