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How You Can Help A Loved One Cross Over To The Afterlife

Losing a loved one can be extremely emotional and difficult. One of the most difficult transitions we must make as humans.

Even if we are fortunate enough to be able to communicate with spirits, our bodies miss the aspect of them that we can hold, love, and be close to. Before we can reconnect with their soul aspects, we must first grieve the physical person they were. These transitions are not easy, so I've included some pointers to help us get through them.

1. Terminal illness, body failure, failure to thrive, etc…

A lot of people in this state have a hard time saying bye because their families simply aren't ready. At this point, they have likely already left their body because their body is usually in a lot of pain. They are usually hanging in the local environment as observers making peace with their passing.

2. Give them time.

A soul will usually make rounds before they leave saying bye to many loved ones. They are likely even more emotional then you are. Leaving this Earth is not easy and there is a transition period all souls deal with when they cross over. This does take time to become aware of their new body and place.

3. A freshly crossed over soul then goes into the light into a transition space.

A crossed over the soul is always thoughtful, apologetic, high vibrational, compassionate, forgiving, open-minded and ready to help. They then go into life review and healing usually done in the Akashic Realm. This can take time if they have a lot of guilt, pain or trauma.

4. After he crosses over, heals, finds peace with the passing, THEY CAN COME BACK in a loving supportive comforting form.

Take this time while your loved one is transitioning to heal yourself. Remember, they will be back energetically but you have work to do if you want to hear/see/feel them again. They may even come back as a child or loved one through the reincarnation process.

5. Also, remember that our souls are infinite.

They are relieved when they cross over because they know you will be reconnected in no time. We as humans struggle with that concept because we see this transition as permanent. It is not the case. We'll all be reunited once more. So it's never good-bye; it's always "See you soon."

What’s your experience helping a loved one cross over? Let’s start the conversation in comments.

Adapted from Minds Journal

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