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Church is not a business:Pastors and Prophets should stay away from tithes and offerings.

Malachi 3:8-10 Will a man loot God? However ye have looted me. In any case, ye say Wherein have we looted you? In offerings and contributions. 

9 Ye are reviled with a revile: for ye have looted me, even this entire country. 

10 Bring ye every one of the offerings into the storage facility, that there might be meat in mine home, and demonstrate me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, on the off chance that I won't open you the windows of paradise, and spill you out a gift, that there will not be room enough to get it. 

A congregation ought to be quite possibly the most straightforward institute an individual discovers oneself in and particularly with regards to the issues of cash. Holy places today have fostered a propensity of empowering the gathering or churchgoers to offering and they utilize the above refrain to kind of force or urge them to be straightforward with regards to giving. 

The good book says bring your offering and offering with the goal that they perhaps food in the Lord's home. The food Malachi alludes to isn't just for the minister and his family to eat and live sumptuously while the remainder of the congregation is languishing yet it is over all. 

Try not to misunderstand me Pastors and Prophets must be compensated for the administrations they render to the congregation yet the interaction must be straightforward and lawful. Each congregation must have an appropriate accounting system that permits them to record to the congregation on what amount was gotten each year and what amount was spent when, where and how. 

1 Corinthians 9:13 Don't you realize that the individuals who serve in the sanctuary get their food from the sanctuary, and that the people who serve at the special raised area share in what is presented on the raised area? 

Paul in the sacred writing above clarified that ministers, prophets and evangelists need to get compensation since they are workers of the congregation however a legitimate framework must be set up. 

Most temples today are enlisted as non benefit associations and they are not burdened yet ministers are running it like organizations and they anticipate creating gains. The minister and his better half are liable for counting the contributions and they don't bring back a report concerning what amount was made and what amount will be spent and where? 

Each congregation needs to have a ledger which won't be controlled by the minister or his/her family however have church financial officers if not at least three who will likewise be joint signatories to the ledger. 

When the congregation is ran like a business, the congregation will get lost and the good news of truth and salvation will at this point don't be lectured in that assembly.

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