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Prayer: My Dear Father, Resolve Every Issue In My Marriage Today

The Almighty, in His wisdom, created the world in such a way that everyone has a competitive advantage in some aspect of lif noe. To flourish in this world, however, an individual must have intelligence in order to make the best legitimate use of his or her comparative advantage. This is why the Bible says wisdom is the most important thing (Proverb 4:7), and Proverbs 14:1 says: "Every clever woman builds her house, but the idiot plucks it down with her hands,” says the proverb.

Leah, Jacob's first wife, was a resourceful woman who made the best of what she had in order to succeed in a difficult marriage. As a result, we can learn a lot from her. Leah married a son unwilling Jacob, whether by chance or by her father's design.

However, the Lord, in His sovereignty, blessed her with a lot of children, which compensated for what she lacked in her husband's eyes. She took advantage of this blessing of fertility in opposition to Rachael, her sister-turned-rival, who, unlike her, was attractive and one of her husband's favorites. Rachael would have completely ruled Leah at Jacob's house if it hadn't been for this. Through her knowledge, Leah was able to keep her matrimonial house. Unfortunately, many Christian women make the mistake of squandering their marriages to home-breakers and other outsiders due to a lack of understanding and self-control.

Their coldness separates them from their husbands to the point where they are strangers to one another. Leah was smart and had the fruit of longsuffering, which she used to her advantage whenever she could to bring her husband closer to her.Also, consider what Leah said in Genesis 30:15a: "Is it such a small matter that thou hast taken my husband?” she asked.

Despite Jacob's hostility against her, she believed she was Jacob's legal wife, and this belief paid out for her later. Despite the fact that her husband did not return her love, she concentrated on her home and succeeded in producing more than half of Israel's twelve tribes, including the priestly tribe of Levi and the royal tribe of Judah. Some Church officials today freely divorce marriages, citing social and psychological models to support their claims against scriptural prohibitions. This shouldn't be the case.

What is the issue that your marriage is facing? Take it to the Lord in prayer today, asking for wisdom to deal with it, and you'll laugh for a long time. You have the ability to not only cope, but also to triumph! Use it, and God will provide you with respite in your house.

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