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If You Are Still Awake, Don't Forget To Pray To God For His Guidance Tonight Using This Prayer

" Father, I come before you this night, and I am in desperate need of your power to conquer my opponents. I'm in desperate need of your assistance. As I pray in the name of Jesus, I ask that you dismantle their plans for my life, for they have vowed that I will never amount to anything in this world ".

" Every nefarious strategy concocted by my foes to bring about my demise is foiled by the heat of the flames. In the name of Jesus, I demand the fire of the Almighty to descend upon them and consume them entirely.

Father, I pray that the archangels of glory would descend with great might into the area of my enemies and demolish their intentions for my life, in the name of Jesus, and I express my gratitude to you for answering my prayer ".

" I pray that the Holy Spirit of God will begin to guide me in all of my pursuits in the near future. It is the name of Jesus that is on my lips, and I humbly implore you not to hide the identity of my foes over my life from me in secret.

The victory you won by your death and resurrection, I hope, will keep my adversary from obtaining the upper hand. It is my prayer that you will grant me victory over my foes in every way and via every ramification that you can think of ".

" I am hopeful that you will reveal the secret of dark places to me in the name of Jesus, in light of the Bible's statement that the Lord's secret is with those who fear him.

I pray to the Almighty that the consuming fire of the Almighty would consume all of my adversaries and annihilate them all. It is my prayer that you will take away the sight of every evil seer who sees a man's fate before it manifests itself on the physical plane. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen ".


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