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Time For God To Remove Your Unfriendly Friends In Your Life With These Powerful Prayer.

Pray that God will put your hostile friends to shame by saying these prayers. The deeds of hostile friends are bad, and such people deny the advances in the lives of many people. They are like green snakes in green grass, so God's children should always pray for God to show and humiliate those people for their own benefit. Remember that the work of Judas is that the car is bad.

At this time, let's pray that God will allow any hostile friend to humble his life and progress.

No: 1 From now on, God will open your inner eyes to meet those who pretend to love you in the name of Jesus.

No: 2 Just as Judas is a chariot, let any hostile friend murder your life with their wickedness in the name of Jesus.

No: 3 In Jesus' name, make it a shame for hostile friends to oppose your advance.

No. 4. In the name of Jesus, anything good that you have lost to hostile friends in the past can be restored.

No: 5 God's blessings will not dry up in your life, I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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