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PRAYER: Father, Please Grant Me The Strength To Pursue My Dream

"Now Naaman, the captain of the king of Syria's host, was a big man.... but he was a leaper" (2 Kings 5:1). Judas Modals, 31, awoke one morning in 1998 to discover he had gone blind after being diagnosed with glaucoma. For many people, that would have been the end of their quest for meaning in life, but not for Judas.

Judas tried to find a work with the Mpumalanga Department of Degree after losing his sight, but someone there saw his potential and suggested he finish his education instead. He received a scholarship from the Department to study Education at the University of the Free State in South Africa. Judas earned his Bachelors of Arts in Education with 15 honors twenty years later, and became the toast of his people and South Africans as a whole.

A man's pursuit for distinction and brilliance does not cease with adversity, whether physical or social. The truth is that everyone has some form of impairment, but none of them is severe enough to prevent you from achieving your goals. Leprosy did not stop Naaman from becoming a general and the kingdom of Syria's number one Merit Citizen, according to our text today. At the same time, Naaman's wife's maid did not let the fact that she was a voiceless and unknown slave girl stop her from linking him to the solution he couldn't find anyplace else in the world. Don't let your disability keep you from chasing your heart's desire for greatness.

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Distinction does not turn away anyone who approaches it with zeal.

PRAYER: Father, please grant me the strength to pursue my dream of accomplishing great things regardless of the obstacles in my way. Amen.

Say the above prayer with Faith, hope and Trust in the Lord. Remember, prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord.

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