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Unedited Photo Of Jesus Riding On The Clouds Surrounded By A Circular Rainbow

There is a picture on Facebook that was shared one day ago, this is a picture that shows the Lord Jesus in the cloud surrounded by a circular rainbow. This shows that Jesus Christ is coming soon, this is a awakening to people that they should fix their way to the Throne of God.

This picture is an unedited photo unbelievable right? But it is what it is and people should just fix their way and prepare theirselves for the Lord Jesus will come riding on the clouds.

Many people sent their comments on how amazing this is, people where so mesmerized. One commented and said "they had a dream about this 25 years ago that He will come on that cloud but He had a small rainbow above His head and a glow all around Him.". While the other one threw in an argumentative point saying " I think it's a nice photo, but I don't know how you can promise it is 100% unedited. I think things like this tend to make Christians look gullible." He was the only one who made such comment while others believed that this is true.

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