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" I Am Happy Because I Am An Apple Of God's Eye "

Many innocent individuals, including David, are crying out for justice and assistance all over the world today since the world we live in is full with evil, oppression, and injustices, even in our legal system, and no one is willing to aid them. I'm not sure if you're among those pleading for justice and assistance in circumstances when you know your hands are clean and you're not involved (Psalm 17:1-5). Seek God, as David did, for He is the only Judge who can save you.

Our court system is rotten, and it is staffed by wicked and corrupt judges and lawyers who have taken bribes, distort justice, and pass judgment by looking at people's faces.

Unfortunately, many of those seeking justice are not just or virtuous, but fervent offenders who have refused to repent. The psalmist, on the other hand, revealed his uprightness and integrity while pleading with God to intervene on his behalf.

My point is, if God were to open your case file today, would He discover any virtuous evidence to rely on and acquit or vindicate you of the charges leveled against you? Wouldn't there be a slew of witnesses and evidence pointing to you as the perpetrator of the claimed crime? God had inspected David in the night and discovered no evil desire in him, David declared his innocence. This is because, unlike many of us now, he does not speak ill of people or engage in violence. He has always walked in God's ways and has never followed the path of the wicked. Is it possible to say the same of us?

He had a personal relationship with God and was confident that He would respond. Despite the fact that he was surrounded by armies of warriors at all times, he asked for God's protection (vs 8-14). No amount of human protection can protect us against unseen foes or forces, such as sickness, the devil, and death.

It's no surprise that a president may party all night with his friends and then vanish before the morning watch (Belshazzar or even partying and died at the scene like Herod). Is your trust in your well-protected home, wealth, police and army security officers, talismans, and mystical powers, which failed Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar, justified?

In the midst of a crucified and wicked world, we can only be confident of our ultimate security in God. Seek God's protection and Angelic protection for your life. Only the virtuous and upright in heart will be able to see God (15), and God's presence will bring delight to their hearts.

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