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Top 5 World's Popular Churches That Do Not Worship God, See Photos And What They Worship

Meet the Top 5 World's Most Popular Churches That Don't Worship God, See Pictures, and Discover What They Believe in.

A church is a building in which Christians gather to pray and praise God and His only Son, Jesus. People who don't believe in Christianity can erect churches to serve as places of worship for deities other than God.

The top five churches in the world that don't worship God and instead idolize other people will be discussed in this essay.

The churches are listed below:

First, there is the Temple of Satan

Non-theistic religious and human rights group The Satanic Temple, also known as the Church of Satan, has members in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. To combat oppression and encourage people to care for one another are the main goals of the Satanic Temple, which believes in a fictitious deity rather than a real one.

2. Maradona's Church

Members of the Church of Diego Maradona, who believe the late Argentine footballer to be the greatest player of all time, formed it. There are many people who claim that it was founded on October 30, 1998, the day before Maradona became 38 years old. An estimated 500,000 people follow this religious movement from its base in Argentina, although its devotees come from all corners of the globe. The Argentine player serves as the inspiration for every aspect of the church's work.

3. The Wiccan Church

The Church of Wicca is viewed as problematic since it merges witchcraft and magic. Members have the option to form a coven to worship together, but they do it of their own accord. The phases of the moon are utilized to direct devotion to it. In this game, there are no rules. As long as they don't harm anyone else, members are free to do whatever they want to do.

4. The Yeezus Church

American rapper Kanye West formed the Church of Yeezus, a religious organization that adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Ye'ciples, as Kanye West's devotees are called, regard him as a god and savior of mankind. On Sundays, the majority of their services are held, and they perform gospel versions of Kanye West songs.

The First Church of Animal Rights

Members of the First Church for Animal Rights believe in animals' inherent right to life. Animal rights and the idea that animals have the equal right to life as humans are central to their New York City Sunday service.


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