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“The Worst Is Coming to SA, You should Do This so that you Can Prevent it”- Famous Tweeter Prophet


It was promised to us that when Jesus rose from the dead, the Holy Spirit would accompany him and assist us in our daily lives, as well as give us warnings concerning things we can't see with our naked eyes. The phrase "Holy Spirit that will lead us" is often interpreted to mean the bible, prophets, pastors, and all those with supernatural abilities to see into the future and perceive things that ordinary people cannot. Although we were all born with unique characteristics and endowed with different abilities, some of us are chosen and granted the privilege of seeing things that others cannot. They're known as prophets.


One of the most well-known prophets on Twitter, Prophet Rhadebelihle, revealed disturbing information, He said that there’s a worse phase coming to South Africa. He has warned people to be prepared because the worst is about to happen. However, he gave a spiritual guideline or solution to his followers so that when the tough time comes they’ll prevent it.



According to the prophet, the first thing we should do as a country is to stop pleasing the government and white people. There are people who are puppets of white monopoly and they try to adapt to white people's lives. He also warns people to refrain from that. You should also practice eating healthily because there are more diseases coming. One of the most important things that the prophet has been calling out for people to do is to stop taking shots. However, the prophet wasn’t clear about what he meant by "shots", but people interpreted it as a vaccine.


Many people seemed to trust this prophet because he prophesied so many things before and they all happened, including the death of a well-known producer, Shona Ferguson and piano music icon Killer Kau.


 (Photos of deceased that he prophesied their death..may their souls continue to RIP)

So many bad things have been happening lately. We really have to be prepared for life on our own because these days, "Rest in peace" has become the new good morning and good night text.

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