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PRAYER: Oh Lord, help me to constantly be humble and pleading for Your mercy in my trials

"When he realized it was Jesus of Nazareth, he started crying out, "Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!" (Mk. 10:47)

It is important to remember that we are who we are now, where we are going, and what we are going to become because of the grace of God. Without God's mercy, we can achieve nothing, absolutely nothing, on our own. When a sincere heart cries out for mercy. God hears us and Heaven opens to help us, but if we can't cry out to God about our situation, we're merely saying we're fine with it or that we can handle it.

Many people, even among God's own, will not call out until they have reached their breaking point. Because he said there was no God, he had no respect for God or His followers. He was always making fun of a young man who always carried a large Bible with him. In the neighborhood, I'm preaching. The preacher tried to reach him with the word of God on a few occasions, but he laughed him to scom. But one day, he walked to the preacher's gate and knocked. The pastor rushed to the gate, expecting his usual obnoxious jokes, because he pounded so loudly. The jokes didn't come; instead, the atheist stormed in, clutching him tightly and shrieking. "Your God exists, your God exists. Today I was able to confirm it. Today, all of us would have died in a car accident. I saw and heard myself pleading with your God to have compassion on me and save me. Others were unable to make it, but I am aware that a man approached and dragged me unharmed from the wreckage. He was taken in by the preacher, who calmed him down, prayed for him, and led him to Christ.

Because he screamed out, the man above received God's mercy. Why are you trying to grow into a strong man? Why not make a loud plea to Him for mercy today, asking Him to intervene in that dreadful position you're in? Blind Bartimaeus would have perished a beggar and a blind man if he hadn't cried out. Even when people tried to silence him, he screamed even louder. Jesus came to a halt as a result of his yells." And Jesus came to a halt and said, "Call him." "Put an end to dying in quiet. Call out for compassion today, even though you have sinned; in His mercy, He will forgive and assist you, and His fountain of mercy never runs dry. Raise your voice and scream!

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Heaven may never attend to certain difficulties until you cry out to God about them.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, help me to constantly be humble and pleading for Your mercy in my trials. Amen.

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