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OPINION| WHY Do Muslims Say That Jesus Was a Muslim And Practised Islam? SEE The Secret

OPINION| WHY Do Muslims Say That Jesus Was a Muslim And Practised Islam? SEE The Secret

The character of Jesus Christ doesn't squeeze into that of a Muslim. He existed far before Islam was established in Saudi Arabia. This load of prophets that are being professed to be Muslims were Jewish individuals, and none of them is an Arab. Prior to the presence of prophet Muhammad in Mecca, no prophet at any point came out from Arab. This is even the more explanation prophet Muhammad was never acknowledged by the Jewish individuals as a prophet. 

As indicated by certain pundits, the Allah's messenger needed to interface his freshly discovered religion to the old Judaism so Jewish individuals can have a feeling of having a place in it, by the by, that didn't persuade them. Islam stays a minority religion until the presentation of jihad, fighting and constrained change. The Jewish public till today actually question the prophethood of Allah's messenger. 

By and large, Muslims accept that Jesus, whom they view as prophet Isa, child of Maryam, was a Muslim. They likewise accept that Abraham (Ibrahim), David, (Dawoodu), Jacob, (Yakubu), John the Baptist, (Yayah), Moses (Musa) and so forth were all Muslims. This infers that every one of the prophets in Judaism are available in Islam. 

Notwithstanding, Islam was established nearly 600 years after Jesus' demise and revival, and Muslims accept that prophet Muhammad established Islam. By and by, this load of prophets referenced were all Jewish individuals, and they rehearsed Judaism. How is it possible that they would have been Muslims? Indeed, even Jesus Christ rehearsed a type of transformed Judaism. Despite the fact that Muslims guarantee that Jesus Christ showed homage implore as Muslims do, that by itself doesn't imply that he was a Muslim. Jesus philosophy is totally different from that of Islam, thus he can't be supposed to be a Muslim. 

Truly Jesus utilized evangelism to spread his messages, lecturing starting with one town then onto the next petitioning God for and recuperating the debilitated and raising the dead. He didn't utilize jihad or strong change for anybody. Jesus was an exceptionally serene and adoring individual,, and he was against the batter to the point of death of a lady trapped in infidelity. In case he was a Muslim, he would have allowed them to stone her since stoning and decapitating are portions of sharia. Jesus also didn't blend his religion in with governmental issues. 

Islam as a religion can't be isolated from legislative issues. In some Islamic nations, the strict head which might be the king, Emir, Supreme pioneer, Imam is additionally the head of state. Jesus even dismissed a bid to make him lord. The God Jesus adored and call his Father isn't Allah yet YAHWEH or Jehovah as he is likewise called. Moreover, Jesus, as a Peaceful individual, advanced harmony and was never elaborate himself in battling war, killing or taking part in slave exchange. He neither possessed properties nor slaves. He was a straightforward character.

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