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Bishop Makamu is being called names for owning a funeral service company

The controversial Bishop, Motivational speaker, and television presenter, Makamu is clearly not everyone's cup of tea lately. A Few months ago Makamu made headlines after a church member leaked a voice note of this him seemingly asking for some Klof Klof, but all that scandals later blow over.

Later Yesterday, Bishop Makamu took to his Facebook page to promote his funeral service company, and some Facebook users were inspired, but some were totally not inspired "The death of a loved one is really expected and never accepted. As imakamu funerals we give you total rest as you grieve" said Makamu promoting his funeral cover.Facebook users hopped into the comment section and share how they feel about Makamu owning a funeral service company. Some people were calling Bishop names for owning this company because he was supposed to pray for people to live.

"As a Bishop how can you worship death mos, you promoting people to die, but yet you claim to be a Christian," said a user. "Funeral business people are happy when people die, everyone knows that," said another user. But some users were saying that there is nothing wrong with owning a funeral service company "That is so beautiful I love it, good work Bishop, may God keep blessing you till you come in Cape Town" said a user who doesn't see anything about a Bishop owning a Funeral service company. "Nothing wrong with this kind of business, hands up man of God," said a user.

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