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FULL INTERVIEW: Bishop Makamu's Girl Tells It All In An Exclusive Interview, Watch Here

We have now gotten an opportunity to hear everything from the victim, we still do not know who Bishop Makamu's girl is exactly and maybe we do not have to, as long as the truth is out.

As you might know, journalist and founder of Movement Against Abuse in Churches Solomon Ashoms has yet again revealed some secrets.

If it was not for him, the girl would have probably not felt safe to get this out to the world, the girl's courage to speak up is commendable.

The girl's family could have taken the money they were offered by the Makamus for the damage, but they did not because they knew that would be like selling their souls to the devil.

Now, if you have always wanted to know the whole story, then finally, there is the whole story, in the video, the girl is heard talking about how everything started.

She basically said it all and it turns out that there are other people who are also involved in this whole mess.

Names were revealed, the are people who probably knew everything, the question is, why was Bishop Makamu supported after he did what he did?

Unfortunately, for Bishop Makamu, the truth is out and there is really nothing he can do, in the video, Solomon mentioned that Bishop Makamu can tell his side of the story.

However, Bishop Makamu has not said anything and people might assume that everything that was said by the girl is the truth and it would not be morally right for him to deny what he knows he did.

It is clear now that there is no turning back, he might as well just make a public apology, besides it seems like there are people who have already forgiven him.

It would be easy to just face this and acknowledged that he did something wrong, him not saying anything does not help the situation.

One might say that there is still an opportunity for Bishop Makamu to make things right and that is if the girl is willing to forgive him.

The forgiveness that matters is the girl's forgiveness, he should make sure that she forgives him, after that, he can go on and make things right with the girl's family.

There is a lot that is mentioned in the video and it is better if you just watch the video and get the clear version of the story.

What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to if you want to listen to the full interview. 


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