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The Story of the Black Woman Who Called Herself God, How She Lived and Ended Her Life


Some people feel they have accumulated sufficient power to be compared to the Almighty God.

Many of these stories are included in the Holy Bible, which we have either heard or read about.

You will learn about a lady who identified herself as God in this essay, and you will learn how she took her own life.

This is the account of a woman in the Republic of Benin who was known as Baname to her friends and family. It was true that she possessed a spiritual power by which she cured the ill, and as a result, she became so well-known that the most prominent individuals in the Republic of Benin and surrounding nations sought her out for spiritual consultations.

She suddenly declared herself to be the God of heaven and earth when things began to go well for her, as she was recognized across the Republic of Benin, which resulted in some of her followers beginning to worship her as a consequence.

However, something horrifying occurred to her when she least expected it and she was left for dead. As more and more people became aware of her behavior, she began to converse with herself from morning to night. It was at that point when many around her, particularly our followers, realized she had been suffering from mental illness.

The Republic of Benin is currently awash with her, and she can be found virtually everywhere. Many of the people she had cured while she was well now see her wandering the streets without anybody to help her recover.

Banane's suffering has recently been disclosed on the internet, and I am confident that everyone who views it, even if they have similar thoughts to Banane's, will be moved to do something different.

Because of this, it is harmful for anybody to suddenly decide in his or her heart that he or she wants to put himself or herself in the role of God Almighty.

As a last thought, we should constantly keep in mind that we are human. We should constantly remember that we are God's creation, and that we should never believe in our hearts that we can compete with God, no matter how great our strength, our position, or our chances may be.

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