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Connecting with your ancestors with this spiritual candles

All candles they all different and when you light it it connect to different spiritual spaces. White candle: for light in spirits,peace,cleansing, whenever you feel like there's no light in your life when begging for clarity etc.

YELLOW: for intelligence,prosperity,focus, cleansing of energies as well can be used for connecting with divine water spirits.can be used to communicate with your ancestors from mothers side.for happiness,hope,and to get comfort on what you're praying for.

Blue:communication with your guides.communication for your fathers side ancestors.ask for guidance on your journey,for travelling.for depression and stress,creating good connection with angels from heavens. 

RED: for strength,fight negative energies,passion,accidents,fight bad spirits,cast spelling,love,courage,to react fast.and to invite your ancestors or guides to fight for you.

Green:Nature,healing,wealth, fertility,growth,also connects with ancestral spirits from mountains caves etc.


fertility,nuture,connect with water spirits,connect with those who died at young age or passed on through miscarriages and for protecion joy to your childrens.

Grey for clearing lucks fortunes,for cleansing your energies,to make magic,clearing your dreams,connect with the sky and moon etc.

GOLD: wealth,money,fortune,

connect with your ancestors who were wealthy.connect with the secrets underwater that can give wealth, those who has businesses this is a good candle for you.

Black:to fight evil spirits,for casting,to remove bad lucks isichitho sefifi,all darkness work you can make or fight with this candle.

candles needs to be used carefully and make sure you are strong enough to face their negative effects. like a black candle can lead you somewhere you don't want to be.becareful when using it there are precautions to be taken when using candles especially black.

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